Monday, March 16, 2009

Clever Clyde

Clyde is the best friend you always wanted, better than that invisible one you had in second grade. Indoor or outdoor, weatherproof, full of gusto, approx. 13 wide x 10 high

Clever Clyde: $29
Shipping: $9

Crabby Crownman

Gorgeous awning or porch addition, indoor or outdoor, weatherproof. Comes complete with tarnished gold-colored chain from Habistore. Approx. 10 wide x 6 high

Crabby Crownman: $29
Shipping: $9

Kill Me Now Dog

This dog simply dares someone to knock a battery off his shoulder. Bright blue, eye-catching canine makes a garden or living room complete. Weatherproof, approx. 20 high x 5 wide

Kill Me Now Dog: $29
Shipping: $9

NOTE: This original guy is no longer available - BUT! - can create similar piece dog with same 3D snout but a bit wider and shorter for same price.
Please email with any questions. Thanks!

Duncan Dogcat

Buy it at Antigone Books, 411 N. Fourth Ave, Tucson

Duncan Dogcat brings together the best of two breeds. Indoor or outdoor, weatherproof, probably flameproof, too. Approx. 7 wide x 5 high

Crouching Thing

This little critter crouches around, kind of like you after sitting at a computer all day. Great reminder to do yoga regularly. Indoor or outdoor, weatherproof, approx. 6 x 6

Crouching Thing: $12
Shipping: $5

Great companion piece for Fleeing Thing (below)

Fleeing Thing

Buy it at Antigone Books, 411 N. Fourth Ave, Tucson

We are unsure what kind of thing he is or why he's fleeing, but we know he's a fleeing thing. Awesome addition to front door or bathroom mirror, indoor or outdoor, weatherproof, approx. 6 x 6

Beware of Dog - Purple People Eater


Wacky dog dares intruders to come on in. Pleasingly purple with ultra sharp snout. Indoor or outdoor, weatherproof, too cool to be true, approx. 14 wide x 12 high

Beware of Dog: $33
Shipping: $9